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For quality metal windows, doors, steel gates, school metal chair.
Contact George Onyango on Cell, 0726404925 located along carwas br
For Quality Bulding material, Hardware products, contact Mercy
on 0712171666 at Carwash along Kondele Kibos road opp. Omiti & son
For quality electrical appliances and motorcycle spare and repair,
contact beryl at carwash along kibos road opp. Lagos laundrn
For gas assessories, delivery contact Rodgers today on 0700602651
located along Migosi kenya-re rd migosi mamboleo junction
For electrical installation, maintanance, CCtv installation,
electric fence visit fredric today along Kondele fly over obunga
Those looking for motorvehicle spares and repair, contact Samuel
today on 0723643083at Makasembo rd-kisumu
for agrochemicals, veterinary products, day old chicks and hygiene
contact Dalmas today along Kondele-kibos Rd
For accomodation, confrence facilities, visit us at kondele
along Kondele kibos road or contact Chris on 0729115291
For day old chicks from Uganda, broilers, layers, cockerels & kuro
Visit us or call Rehema on 0728415829 for free delivery
For all types of tiles, sanitary wears and door visit Nyanza tiles
located along Kisumu kakamega rd, on webra house opp. Donna hotel
For original BCBs, PVC pipes, Coffin Hundles, Ceiling fitting, cur
contractors, contact us on 0727525561 at kondele along ksm-kk rd
For affordable Timber for building, making furnitures, and supply
contact us or call Sharon on 0714474807
For affordable Timber for building, making furnitures, and supply
contact us or call Sharon on 0714474807
For the best house curtains, bed sheets, bed cover, kitchen sets
visit us along Nairobi Aviation col-ksm or call sheilla 0726104077
For quality metal windows, doors, steel gates, school metal chair.
& Fabrication Visit us at Nyalenda opp. Nyalenda Prison
For metal works and fabricaton, contact Mr. John located along
Ksm-Nrb highway nyamasaria or call 0710396623
For P.A, Radio and TV repair, sell electronics and electricals
contact us or call Daniel location, Nyamasaria Along Ksm-Nrb Rd
For quality Agrochemicals,animal feeds, maize feeds, insectisides
visit our offfice lcted alng Ksm-Nrb Highway Nyamasaria opp. Dubai
For quality poultry products, animal feeds, visit our shop located
in kondele opp. sweet melon cafe or call Millicent on 0736723442
For the provision of all Electrical accessories and mobile phone
visit our office ltd at obunga opp. bio centre or call michae on 0
For good quality cosmetics and general shop producst, visit samuel
located along Pamba Rd obunga estate Kisumu
For quality trainning on water and sanitation, urban agriculture
visit us at obunga estate off. pamba Rd. kisumu or call 0734590154
For quality trainning on water and sanitation, urban agriculture
visit us at obunga estate off. pamba Rd. kisumu or call 0734590154
For quality speed internet accessories, phone accessories, cyber
visit our office loctd along Ksm-Kk Rd next to TNA office
Looking for a qualified toilor and good material varieties?
contact us today or visit our office located in Migosi mark-ksm
For good hairdressing, blow dry, and all kinds of beauty therapy
contact us today or visit our office opp. Migosi health center
Visit our hardware lcted along Knd-kbos Rd for quality hardware
products ranging from, building materials, plumbing and electrical
Grate in Accomodation and conference facilities, outer catering
Dallas is the place to be. located at Forems along kndle kibos Rd
For quality computer services, Cyber cafe, cool drinking position
contact our office located within kenya-re estate
Visit us at sports ground Od Mikayi for the fine art, graphics
design,computer services, skills trainning, mentorship and much mo
Lookig forward to vehicles for hire, solution is here, Visit our
office in mamboleo for morwe or call george on cell no: 0722325634
For good hair dressing, menicure, pedicure and weaving, call us
or visit us at mamboleo next to Wigot Hotel kiaumu
Visit our shop at mamboleo market for quality steel doors, gate
gutters, tower tanks, electrical accessories or call the above NO.
Mamboleo Junction Inn,Find us for quality school, office furniture
arc welding and fabrication or call Dixon on 0720374989 for more
along ksm-kk Rd, find our offices for quality gutters,fittings,
poultry feedings, watering can and more, call petro on 0721778381
We do Joinery and Carpentry i.e. exercutive Sofa sets, tables
Visit our main office located along Ksm-kk Rd mamboleo junction
Contact uis for quality metakl works, metal accessories, electrica
installation at Mamboleo market along ksm-miwani Rd
for computer repair, software, programming, web design, IT consult
Tuskys United mall Shop 6A, is our office or call Silus 0715556877
For metal works and fabricaton, contact Edwin Ouma
Nyalenda estate opp. Nyalenda prison (Nyaori)
For welding of metal works, metal windows, visit our ofice located
in Nyamasaria along Ksm-Nrb high way opp. Jey Pent chemistry
Quality Metal products and fabrication, Visit our workshop locate
at Nyamasaria beside butter toast bakery along Ksm-Nrb highway
For building materials, metal doors, windows, contact Rose on cell
0723714038 or visit the office at Nyalenda market along Milimani R
looking for furniture, from chairs, tables,office and school chair
contact Erick or visit us Nyamasaria Township along Ksm-Nrb highwa
for Welding, metal gates, doors, windows and fabrication contact u
Along Ksm-Nrb highway adjacent to Dubai complex Nyamasaria
For Quality PVC Pipes, starters, bulbs, fitting, sales and service
contact Mr. Ben or Visit our shop lctdKona Mbuta in Manyatta estat
For Cosmetics, beauty products and General shop products visit the
located in Manyatta estate along Kondele fly-over call 0718650389
General shop products, electric appliances, cosmetics
Visit our shop in Manyatta estate next to Kondele fly-over
for Cyber café,binding, printing, scanning, photocopy,
visit our shop Manyatta estate along fly-over opp. Russia quarter
for outer catering Food supply and drinks, contuct us or visit us
in Migosi market in Migosi estate
Cyber café, typing and photocopy visit our shop
Within Manyatta opp. Manyatta primary school
hardware & building materials, white wash, paints, Y series, pl
Manyatta estate opp. El-Paraiso hotel call to get more
Electronics, photocopy, phone repair contact us or visit us
at Manyatta estate next to el Paraiso hotel
for affordable Building materials and rental houses visit us in
Obunga estate opposite Shauri moyo primary School
for quality Metal works and fabrication visit us today at
Nubian estate opposite Shauri moyo primary school call 0727369079
for fastest internet(Cyber), photocopy, M-Pesa services spot is
Outwork It Solution Cyber Nubian estate next to Shauri moyo primar
Brick supply, metal work and fabrication visit our workshop
located inside Elgon market centre-kondele kibos rd cal 0723563149
for quality Welding and fabrication in Kisumu call us on the numbe
above or lacaAlong Kondele Kibos road opp. Jerusalem church carwas
for the Fine art (portrait artists and landscape/ sceneries)
visit our office in Migosi business center in Migosi estate
for Pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, M-Pesa services and Airte
visit Jet building Migosi 44 route junction opp. Kenya-re estate
All furniture services and products beds, fittings and school furn
visit our office along ksm-kk rdSelina opp. TNA Office Kisumu
for the best Bed sheets, women cloths, duvets, toilet carpets
visit our office Migosi Estate next to Forems off Kibos Road Kisum
for Hardware materials, selling Gas cylinder and refilling
visit us Kibos road next to Forems opp. Paul Mark College
for Dress making, cloth designing and selling contact us or visit
us in Migosi estate next to Forems Kisumu off Kibos road
looking for Hardware products, plumbing, massageservices
visit our office located along Lolwe estate opp. Lolwe pharmacy
for qlty Ladies ware, shoes, cloths, bangles, earrings, women pant
visit us at Carwash off Kibos road or call the above No.
for qlty Ladies ware, shoes, cloths, bangles, earrings, women pant
visit us at Carwash off Kibos road or call the above No.
Welding,-doors, windows, gates, beds, school lockers locate us at
Migosi Kenya-re road opp. L.B.D.A- Poultry unit
We Design of shoes and Repair visit our office located at
Carwash off Ezra Gumbe road opp. Silva Swan hotel or call above No
For Beauty Therapy-massage, manicure, pedicure and Kinyozi service
visit our shop located in Migosi market in Migosi estate
For metal windows, doors, school chairs, beds in kisumu
call us on 0722153397 and we will give you the best deal in town.
For Gutter fittings, Chiney, Feeder, Jiko, Metal box, Adapter box
For the best deal call John today 0714667688
For Executive Furnitures and General Woodworth Visit us at,
Kakamega road Kisumu or call us on 0723812946or 0713905562
For best deals in sofasets, General Fittings, Furniture visit us
Migosi along Health center Road or call Dan on 0700079854
For Metal Doors, windows, school chairs, beds, Gates kindly
call us on 0727387929
For outside catering, seminar inward Sallyz cafe is your best
option. Call us at once; 0700599550
For Audio CD's, DVD's and tapes in kisumu visit us
Along Telcom Plaza Opp. Kim Collage. 0713244422
For Carpets, School Bags, Hand Bags, Hand Bags, Sheers, Curtains
We are located at kondole oposite Nyawita Timber Yard 0721310835
For mobile phone Acessories, and Ellectrical Items
Visit us at kondele opposite Barizi Pub. 0720634256
Timber Selling and Supplies we are located along kisumu
Kakamega road opposite selina house cal joel otenyo 0727336530
Alluminium Fabrication and Fitting, Shop Fronts, office Partition
Visit us at Kondele Kibos Road or call 0712020924/0717088481
For Computer Repair & Maintanance, software installation,
Webdesign, Data Entry and Analysis call us on 0727471528
For best deal in School and office furniture, Arc welding
Visit us at Dixon Odera Mamboleo Junction kisumU
For shaving, Massage, Haircuts, Manicure, Pedicure
Visit us at Migosi Business centre Kisumu or call us on 0724324696
Visit our Tailoring Shop for creative fashion Designs
And Material Supply +254722741597
For beds, sofasets, dinning table sets, baby beds
For best furniture deals in visit us at Donholm or call 0721670556
Visit us in Kisumu for quality education in health
P.O BOX 6805 - 40103,, or call us on 0728748395
Specialists in house painting, Glazing, Branding, printing and
Materials and stationary suppliers call us on 0727233454
looking for beauty Cosmetics, visit our shop located along
Ezra Gumbe junction 44 route shopNo. 004
Dry cleaning, laundry, supplies of Air conditioner, & electricals
visit us at Forems opp. Canon Jacob Guest house
for Livestock feeds, broilers, layers, dairy meals, gas cylinder
visi us at Corner Legion along Kibos/Kondele Road
Cosmetic shop, ladies ware and beauty shop, visit our shop at
Carwash next to Nandi Dairy or contact our No above
internet computer repair, photocopy, printing, scanning, bindin
visit us at Migosi along kenya-re Rd opp. Urembo salon
Pharmaceutical products, M-Pesa services, Gas cylinder selling and
Migosi estate opp. Lolwe gate is the place for Health reform
Electronics And Electric Accessories: Led Bulbs, D.C And A.C, Disc
come to Ambala Complex Door No. 14 Opp. Kisumu Girls High School
forquality Metal Boxes, Wheelbarrow, Moldboard Plough, Rake, Gut
Visit Otieno at Kibuye Jua Kali Next To Winam Law Court
for executive Furniture, Electrical Appliances, Metal Work
visit Okello at Kibuye Market Next To Ga Guest House
for executive Furniture, Electrical Appliances, Metal Work
visit Okello at Kibuye Market Next To Ga Guest House
looking for Woodwork, Fitting/ Joinery Speakers, Cabinets?
Kibuye Market Opp. Lakeland Enterprises is the place to visit
for quality Molding, Decoration Of Furniture, Joinery And Machines
visit George at Kibuye Market call our number provided above
for School Boxes, Gutter, Oil Can, Metal Box, Water Boilers
visit Kennedy at Kibuye Jua Kali for more or call the number above
for Cooking Pans, Jarimbo, Camata, Bed Inches, Saruru, Tindo
visit Kibuye Market Next To Shauri Moyo Ward for more products
for General Furniture And Fitting call us on the above number or
visit us at Kibuye Market Near East Africa Guest House
for quality Joinery And Carpentry contact us through the above No.
or visit us at Kibuye Central Line
well trained in Metal Work And Fabrication, visit us at
Kibuye Market Opp. Mombasa Millers for more products and services
For Phone Accessories, Spare, Phones, Electric Appliances, Pho
contact us today or visit our shop in Kibuye Market Near Win
for the Catering Jikos, Oven, Bebec Jikos, Chicken Fryer, Food W
Kibuye Market Opp. Mombasa Millers
buy your Steel Doors, Windows, School Chairs, Beds at our workshop
located at Kibuye Market Opp. Pramukh Supermarket
Metal Boxes, Wheelbarrow, Moldboard Plough, Rake, Gutters, Tents
Kibuye Jua Kali Next To Winam Law Court visit us there and get mor
for Supplies Of Petroleum Equipment; Generator, Fuel Pumps
Supplies Of Petroleum Equipment; Generator, Fuel Pumps
for safe, and Affordable Guest Rooms, Secure, Good Meals,
visit us at Migosi Estate Along Forems Road
safe place for conference facilities, sacure rooms, come our place
at Migosi Site Off Kakamega Road or call our No. above
Comfortable rooms Ample Car Park, International Cuisines Confer
come dine with us at Migosi Estate Off Kisumu Kakamega Road
All Guest House Services, out cartering services, conference fac.
call our or visit us at Migosi Estate Off Forems Road Kisumu
for executive chairs, tables, school furniture, cupboard
located at Nyawita along flyover-Kondele
for Welding and fabrication, visit our office which is
located Along Kondele Kibos road opp. Jerusalem church carwash
For good metal works and fabrication visit our office
located along Muhoroni sugar-Town Rd near M-Stadium
for dealers of cofins..visit our workshop located along Muhoroni
sugar -town Rd opp. deliverance Church
for quality metal works and metal roofing, visit our worksop
located within Muhoroni town opp. Railway Station or cal above No.
For metal work and fabrication,contact us or visit our office
located within Muhoroni Jua-kali opp. Railway station
looking for tents for hire, and tent maker, solution is here,
visit us within Muhoroni market opp. Railway station or call NO ab
for real sweeter at affordable prices, carpets, pillow cases
contact Atieno at Migosi Market for more and quality cloths
for mechnical engineer for both tractors and vehicles, Silus
offers that within Muhoroni near Men's connerbar
for dealers in all types of exercutive furnitures, visit our shopl
located along Musko Rd near main junction near agro chemical
men and women who desire executive dress, visit us today for more
within muhoroni market near KCB bank,
for clean environment within kisumu area, visit our office
Located at Carwsh next to Migosi Cords office
We do painting, window entry, decorations of the home
contact us or visit us in our office in Ogango kisumu or call us
For the original computers, printers, CDs and DVDs for choirs
visit our office located along kenya-re Rd opp. salyz cafe
we do hair dressing, manicure, pedicure, facial
visit our shop located in Migosi opp. Big brother shop
companies, students, visit us Ariya house opp. Laungnet Cyber
For affordable gospel books, Cds, DVDs, contact us for delivery
on hand or visit our books shop ABC at Tivoli centre kisumu
For quality graphics, design, call us or visit our office located
along Kenya-re Rd next opp. Ezra Gumbe pri. School
for doctors consultation, quality health care, x-ray services
visit our office/hc. opp. Lolwe gate Kisumu
For refreshment and quality food, visit our shop at winmat opp.
Maseno University call us for outer catering on the No. above
For Outer catering in weddings, buss paties, conferences and tent
provision, peter is ready to assist, call today to know more
for good food with qualified cheffs, visit us at Winmat or call
us on 0707206314 we also offer outer catering and food delivery
For Iron sheet, cooking utensils, electronics, come to our shop
located along carwash-kenya-re Rd opp. gorofa chafu
for carpets and laundry services, contact us for quick
washing of carpets and delivery for free,
For all computer packages, visit our office located along
kenya-re Rd opp. L.B.D.A Poultry firm or call the above No.
For a day old chick, eggs, cabages and any food staff visit our
shop located along Ezra Gumbe Pri Rd opp. mama Yufi shop
we design african atire, men's suit, ladies wear visit our main
branch at aghacan way opp. sega sing school. or call our above No.
we repair phone, sell new phones, charge phone batery and computer
servies, contact us or visit our office in nyalenda Estae opp. LAN
for day old chick, accaricides, eden feeds, fertilizers, seeds
visit our office in Mamboleo opp. Tingna Carwash
for aerobic, zuma, body building,nutritional guide, turning
visit our office locatd off mamboleo Rd opp. KPLc plant
for supplies of PVC pipes, MCBs, Consumer unites, fittings, visit
our office located along kondele-Kibos Rd opp. Fieldcrest house
for electrical installation & fitting, electrical appliances
visit us at Eliforma building 3rd floor kondele
for body massage visit our shop in
lolwe kisumu or call the above no.
for hairdressing, haircut, massage
visit our shop along kenya-re Rd opp Jubilee jnr Hardware
for food staffs, drinks general shop items, come to Mabaini
along Kenya-re Rd opp Deliverance church
for in and outer catering, visit our den at kondele next
to kondele police station or call the No above
for tents for hire, PA system, outer catering,
visit us today along Kondele fly over opp. KMTC kisumu
For every types of refreshment, visit our shop for a cool
resting place and quality food at Forems Kisumu opp. Kondele prm.
we do quality hairdressin ranging from obama, abuja, and more
visit our shop located along kenya-re Rd opp. Laungnet cyber
for quality building timber, fence ceder poles, and indoor supply
call our no above or visit our site at kondele opp. dona hotel
for computer softwares, windows installation
visit our shop located opp. bhole supermaket kondele
for computer softwares, windows installation
visit our shop located opp. bhole supermaket kondele
for confortable and affortable transportation system, visit our
offfice to hire our confortable vehicles at kondele opp. salina ho
looking for house in kisumu, do not starve any more, visit us
today at obunga Kisumu office opp. Obunga Resident Association
for building materials, paints, house utensils, and many more,
visit us at kondele dona house opp. pramukh supermarket
for building materials, paints, house utensils, and many more,
visit us at kondele dona house opp. pramukh supermarket
we do computer trainning, computer repair, software developer
we are here to serve you, at sportsground OD Mikayi House gr fl.
we repair both tractors, heavy commercial repair and selling of
all motovehicle spare parts at Muhoroni next to LBDA
looking for new computers, PA system, Pianos, visit us at salina
next to TNA office kisumu along Ksm-kak Rd
All beauty products for men and ladies are available at affordable
price. visit our shop along kondele fly over, opp. KMTC kisumu
all town matatus of high class and for hire, contac our office
at national oil-kakwega P.station along ksm-Kaks Rd
for school text books, school uniforms, photo printing and passpot
visit our office opp. KCB bank Muhoroni.
for natural food staff eg vegetable, mashroom, fruits, wedding cak
visit our office at Winmat kisumu opp. Maseno.U parking slot
executive mens wear, ladies and wedding cloths available in stock
visit our shop at amabala complex S.08
executive mens wear, ladies and wedding cloths available in stock
visit our shop at amabala complex S.08
We sell S.D.A books, CDs, DVDs and printing of wedding programs
visit our shop inside kenya-re estate kisumu today or call no.
For women designing of cloths, babies school cloths, visit our
shop today at carwash opp. silvan swan hotel
For quality guest rooms, conference facilities, food, tents for
hire, we are located at carwash opp. musikiti
Conference facilities, secure guest houses, good parking, bar
live band, visit us at carwash next to Nandi Dairy Milk
we sell ladies cosmetics, men's wear, bags and general shop
items, we are located along Kenya-re Rd opp. Lolwe gate
For decipline and quality education with qualified trained teachrs
visit our school located inside Kenya-re estate kisumu
supply of quality meat, located along Kenya-re Ezra gumbe
junction kisumu, call 0716106642
we offer internet, WI-Fi, printing, sanning, lamination mpesa serv
we are located opp. Migosi Ward office along Ezra Gumbe road
for take away food, smokies, fried chicken, chips, soda, and more
visit us today at Jonson's house Ezra Gumbe junction
looking for men's wear an materials, women, and african suits
visit our office next to soctor movies ezra gumbe junction
For fresh milk from Rift valley, visit our shop today and
we will serve you at ezra gumbe junction
For fresh milk from Rift valley, visit our shop today and
we will serve you at ezra gumbe junction
childrens games, cyber, printing, scanning, movie writing,
video editing,we are the best. office is located along ezra g. jun
movies, video editing, kinyozi and much more, we are the source
visit our shop opp. gifted shop along ezra gumbe-carwash Rd
we sell all the beuty products, offer kinyozi and body massage
visit our shop along kenya-re rd opp. Jubilee Junior Hardware
we sell wine take away, and water, mpesa services
visit our shop opp. Urembo Salon Migosi Kisumu
we sell ladies cloths, original bata shoes for women, women bags
visit us today to carry yours at affordable prices
we offer club nights, wines and spirit, hotel catering, food
come visit us today for quality services
come carry one at affordable price. M-pesa services, and much more
opp. Lolwe gate is our location
we sell food stuffs, take away, trainning on catering services
contuct hillary or visit ou shop opp. Lolwe gate ksm
for general out patient, doctor's consultation, dispensing pharm
lab service, we are located opp. lolwe gate on kenya-re Rd
for movie writing, movie download, programming
visit our shop opp. Urembo salon kisumu
For hairdressing and all beauty therapy services, visit our shop
located along kenya-re high way opp. Mur solution
we provide quality PVC, street bulbs, disco lights, and all elect
appliances, visit our shop right opp. Lolwe clinic
For all cosmetics, mpesa services, photocopy services, visit us
along Migosi street opp. Ruttera Beauty shop
For quality meat, chicken meat, pork, got meet and eggs
visit our shop to have your share at affordable price
for fitness, aerobic, come to our office located at mabati
next to Lolwe gate
for paints, and mixtures come visit us for more detail
we are located opp. Lolwe phermercy
all cerials, Maize, beans, millet, sogam, and many more,
we are there to serve you, call us today. opp Lolwe phercy
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computer services, visit our office located along kenya-re rd
we do electrical installation, CCTV, electric fences
call for our services today for quality installation
we supply quality PVC pipes, bulbs, all electrical appliances and
fittings, contuct or visit our shop adjucent to sallyz cafe
Looking for a house location and land for sale, call our able men
located at kenya-re gate opp. Sallyz cafe
equity agent, KCB bank agent and general shop staff
visit us at our shop adjucent to kenya-re gate
for delicious meals, outer catering, tents for hire visit our shop
located along ezra gumbe junction opp. boda boda office
sells handbags,schoolbags and curtains
we are located in kibuye market
for quality hairstyle in ladies and hair cut on men, visit our
shop located on Johnson's house grd floor
For quality ladies bags, tailoring services, rubber shoes,
visit our shop next to Mema Jur Palour
for a great trench coats, dresses, skirts designer, visit our shop
locted in Chiro mbero along Ksm-nairobi Highway or call above No
sells braids, quitecks, hairdressing, call us today and we may
come or visit our shop located at cona mbuta manyatta
for sport shoes, doll shoes, ruber shoes, visit our shop in kibuye
mrkt opp. Winam Law Court
for general cosmetics producs both whole sale, visit our shop
located along kondele-kibos Rd
For PA, Piano, speakers for hire and services, contact Amolo
located along Fly over opp. KMTC Kisumu
For refreshment ment with chips and soda at affordable prices
visit our shop locatd opp. kisumu girls Amabala complex S9
for all food staffs, fruits, vegetable, visit us at our shop
ezra gumbe junction carwash Rd
for conference facilities, hotel services, wedding services, out
side catering, visit our hotel opp. Kisumu politechnic Poliview
we offer good accomodation, good food and much more
we are located along Kenya-re Rd opp. Lolwe playgound kisumu
we do all house installation, wirring, electric fencing
visit our office at Donna opp. Jubilee jumbo hardware
we sell computers old and new, phones, carpets, pepsi sodas, weldi
ng services, chairs, metal works and fabriction. opp Donna house
we sell electrical appliances, repair phones and TV, Ironsheets
visit our shop located opp. Migosi health centre
we provide confidencial and private site for wedding couples, love
cool music dancing trainings. visit us at Airport opp. N. Road off
all electrical, fittings, installation, visit our shop located
opp. Co-op. Bank Kisumu downtown
we do carpet washing, laundry and delivery for free, visit our
shop located opp. Barclays bank Parking slot oginga odinga street
visit us next Akamba parking oginga odinga street downtown
for delicious natural food (kienyeji)
for sport shoes, rubbers, bags, school cloths, visit our shop
opp. Barklays Bank kisumu, oginga odinga street for more details
for out patient, Pharmeceutical, X-Ray, visit our Pharmecy located
along Oginga odinga street adjucent to Equity bank opp. spt.ground
we do computer repair, phone and phone accessories, visit our
shop located along kondel kibos Rd opp. Rose garden guest house
for outpatient, drugs, X-Ray and many more, visit our phartmercy
opp. sportsground business centre or call abv no. for immergency
For general supply of PVC pipes, electrical appliances, fittings
contact us today on our No. above or visit our office at carwash
for all cosmetics, women wera, women bags and cloths, visit ou
today at kondele opp. KMTC collage kisumu
we supply PVC pipes, electrical fittings and much more, contact us
and visit our shop located at carwash opp. omiti and sons invt
want to take your hangover away, visit us today for as much as
much as youwant at our shop in carwash opp. Silva Swan hotel
For ready food for those travelling and in hurry, visit our hotel
at ambala comples
visit us at kibuye for repair, of tiles door to door carwas and
much more,
all types of seeds, cerial, contuct us or vist our shop
opp. barcleys bank kisumu
We offer tents for hire, cooks, P.A system with speakers,
and many more, for hire visit our office opp. KMTC
for comfortable guest house, conference facilities, visit our
office opp. wayside high school, Kibuye
for accomodation, delicious meals, visit our hotel located
opp. Kisumu polytechnic beside Shalom hotel
we sell timber for building, briock, tiles, glasses and provide
experts in building. we are located along ksm-kk Rd opp. dona ksm
we do welding of windows, sell doors, building stones, bricks
visit us at kenya-r juntion alng Ksm-kaks Rd or call the above No.
we do carpet washing, door to door, vacum cleaning, laundry
visit our shop locted along kenya-re road opp. LBDA poultry farm
we do culcit, obama, massage, menicure, pedicure, visit our saloon
shop along kondele fly over opp. KMTC-college
we ar located along kondele fly over, come for books, for sec sch.
prim, text and excercise books, visit us for more
for computer services, internet, photocopy, printing, scanning
we offer all, visit us today opp. KMTC next to Musikiti
for m-pesa services, KCB agent, computer services and trainning,
we are located at Manyatta estate opp. KMTC
For general computer services, knowledge, skills development
we are located along fly over opp. Arina Primary school
For bording schools who need the barber services, menicure,
pedicure, call us with the number above
For animal feeds, maize floor, Maize, beans, agro chemicals
visit our shop at manyatta estate along fly over
for emmergency services, out patient, dr. consultation, equity
agent, visit our shop, in Manyatta along fly over
for radio repair, Tv, phones and phone accessories
visit our shop next to Arina primary school
we make all types of executive chairs, tables, beds and many more
visit us at kibuye market opp. Shell petr. station
for executive furniture, and all types of furnitures, visit our
workshop, located along Russhia way Ksm-kaks Rd
we sell new phones, repair, and we buy old phones
visit our shop at kisumu stage opp. city clock
we make coffins made of wood, furnished seats and much more
visit our shop located at kondele adjuscent to entebe hotel
for all furniture, fittings, and selling, contuct us or visit our
shop at Kibuye located along Ksm-Kaks Rd opp Shell Petrol Station
visit our shop located along Kondele Kibos Rd for all electric
repair, and selling new phones and buy old spares
for the lates movies, love movies, love songs, latest version of
computer..Windows 8, visit our shop next to Silva swan hotel
For radio repair, TV, Phone and mentioned spare parts, visit our
shop at Carwash opp. Nandi Dairy Shop
For tanker provision for business, call us on 0728860799
or our office opp. pramukh hardware kona legio
we sell and buy computers, spare parts, CCTv installation and
electricals. visit our shop at Amballa complex, shop 15 door No 2.
out patient, emergency cases, call our services for assistant or
visit our chemistry at Obola carwash ezra gumbe Rd
we offer goods like deport of sodas, books stationarry, school
uniform, visit our shop located at Nyalenda opp. KWS office
For quality cloths, suits, mens wear, ladies wear, vist our
tailoring shop visit us at Migosi market opp. Bellez Arts
we sell food staff, school text books, duplicating and many more
visit our shop at Migosi opp. migosi health centre
we sell items like water, supermarket items, visit us and carry
what you need at Forems kisumu
we sell types of food items, sugar, water tanks
visit us to have your taste at kondele opp. Esoti
we sell LED bulbs DC &Ac, Dico lights, piano, keyboard, guiters
microphones visit us at kibuye jua kali opp. Winam Law court
we sell power mixers, electrical gargets, Kinyozi machines ans
kinyozi services, visit us at kisumu Stage opp. kisumu boys
Metal boxs, rakes, whelbarow, gaters,mouldbourd plough,
visit as at kibuye jua kali opp. Winam law court
we sell broilers, wheight coverage and nutrition, we are located
at Tom Mboya estate-opp Liberty School
we do video shooting, editing, Audio Recording for Choirs and musi
cian, visit us at Tom mboya estate opp. Radio nam lolwe station
Dealers in Mpesa sahop, electrical accessory sales, printers,
Copiers,phone and bateries. Call us 0722599608 Swan center kisumu

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