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Latest News

29/07/2014 21:31
Welcoming the Team From Mombasa Led by Lilian!
Karibuni Pesamob Wenzetu Kutoka Mombasa!You join teams from: Nakuru - Led by Osavinya Eldoret - Led by Doctor Mutai Thika/Ruiru - Led by Treza Nairobi - Led by Bernard Kisumu - Led by Metrine As you can see we have unexplored areas! Join us in building a team - a Team that will cause ALL ... 
29/07/2014 19:15 is now FULLY integrated With Bitcoin - And therefore FULLY OPEN to the WHOLE WORLD! is now FULLY integrated With Bitcoin  And therefore FULLY OPEN to the WHOLE WORLD!   You can Now Pay for your Membership and recieve your Earnings in Bitcoins.   To  Pay By Bitcoin, if you are opening a new account,  you need to set your Withdra... 
29/07/2014 00:39
Rose Cherono: sashneil becomes the 1st Emerald Club today 29/07/2014 12:18am!
A few minutes past Midnight  today, Tuesday 29/07/2014,   Rose Cherono : otherwise known as  sashneil, made it to the Emerald Club.    Joining the other 9, she raises the stakes for an Emerald to move to Ruby!   Congratulations Rose!   Team Steve is... 
28/07/2014 18:36
Patrick Njenga : PesaCash Joins the Emerald Club 28/07/2014 18:05!
A few minutes past 6.00pm today, Monday 28/07/2014,   Patrick Njenga : otherwise known as  pesacash, made it to the Emerald Club.    He joins an esteemed 8 other members to make a total of 9.   Welcome to the Club Patrick! And Congratulations!  
26/07/2014 01:06
Bitcoin Payment and Withdrawal TEST carried out!
These last few hours, the Test for Payment using Bitcoin was carried out!Admin got paid thrice!!!Especially the withdrawal, this is automatic - this makes it a breeze making payments! The Incoming Payments for Upgrades still require a slight human involvement for allocation BUT hopefully this can... 


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